Jeremy Steffman

Northwestern Linguistics

Northwestern University
Dept. of Linguistics
2016 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208


I'm a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern University where I work in the Prosody and Speech Dynamics Lab. Prior to this, I received my PhD in Linguistics from UCLA.

My research program centers on examining how prosodic/intonational structure, and its phonetic correlates, influence speech processing. My dissertation Prosodic prominence in vowel perception and spoken language processing, explores one domain where these questions are especially interesting.

My postdoc research is focused on how speakers produce, represent and perceive intonational patterns - see here for some recent work on this topic.

I'm more generally interested in phonetics and laboratory phonology, and in particular speech perception, prosody, and psycholinguistics. In another strand of research, I describe phonetic structure and patterns in language, mostly from acoustic data.

Check out the vita tab for a full list of publications and presentations. Scroll down for a list of recent activities, and some current projects. Don't hesitate to email me for pdfs of any posters or slides.

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