Jeremy Steffman

The University of Edinburgh, Linguistics and English Language

Tutorial: An introduction to GAMMs in intonation modeling

This tutorial provides an introduction to using Generalized Additive Mixed Models in intonation research, with some basic concepts, exploration of how GAM(M)s are fit, and an example modeling intonational tunes.

See here for a stand-alone web page introduction.

And for the hands-on version, see here to download the code as an RMarkdown document.


at the university of edinburgh

Introduction to Phonology (MSc)

Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology

Speech Production and Perception (perception module)

Discourse Analysis (one-week prosody module)

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at ucla

College Teaching of Linguistics (LING 495)
Spring 2020

Phonology I (LING 120A)
Summer 2019

Experimental Phonetics (LING 104)
Winter 2020; Instructor: Sun-Ah Jun

Introduction to Applied Phonetics (LING 102)
Spring 2019; Instructor: Megha Sundara

Phonological Structures (LING 119A)
Spring 2018; Instructor: Meredith Landman

Phonology II (LING 165A)
Winter 2018; Instructor: Roslyn Burns

Introduction to Linguistic Analysis (LING 20)
Fall 2017; Instructor: Dylan Bumford